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Announcing Our 2022 Save the Graves Event

Honoring History’s Main Street Merchants

Saturday, October 15 — 10 am – 4 pm


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Join Buried History’s Save the Graves as we Honor Main Street Merchants of the past. Enjoy an autumn Saturday stroll through the cemetery grounds where you will encounter first-person theatrical interpretations of notable merchants, entrepreneurs, provisioners, and traders from the history of Placerville’s first commercial corridor.


Buried History

Has partnered with 

Imagination Theater!

Imagination Theater is the new Fiscal Agent for Buried History. All finances, including donations, are managed by Imagination Theater. Buried History will carry out our mission through Imagination Theater’s Non-profit designation. 


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Mike Durnerin Education Fund

Bringing interred history into the classroom

Pilot Programs to Begin in 2022


Buried History is committed to the preservation and celebration of the history that lies interred in historic cemeteries.

More news on upcoming events and educational efforts to come.