Join Buried History’s Save the Graves as we Honor Main Street Merchants of the past. Enjoy an autumn Saturday stroll through the cemetery grounds where you will encounter first-person theatrical interpretations of notable merchants, entrepreneurs, and traders from the history of Placerville’s original commercial corridor.




2022 Lineup Includes

(More to information come)


William Combellack

Born April 7, 1853, Died March 7, 1929

As portrayed by Jim Last


Gertrude Kirk Cornelison

Born 1889, Died July 7, 1974

As portrayed by Lori Whittle


Maggie Akins O’keef

Born May 28, 1868, died March 30, 1943

As portrayed by Ronnie Duska Fowler


Henry S. Morey

Born 1839, Died 1921

As portrayed by Tom Loeprich


Mollie Reynolds

Born September 21, 1853, Died July 17, 1944 

As portrayed by Darcy Phillips


Joe Rupley

April 10, 1858, died July 28, 1922

As portrayed by Joseph Tande


Henry Numbers Tracy

Born November 13, 1836, Died November 18, 1900

As portrayed by Dan Trainor 


Dorothea Zeisz

Born 1841, Died December 5, 1919

As portrayed by Erika Maruri